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Are your teeth dull looking, chipped or breaking? Creating a beautiful and healthy smile for you to share with everyone is our main priority. We provide the following services to achieve this goal:
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General & preventive dentistry

This type of dentistry includes check-ups and cleanings. Regularly clearing away plaque helps prevent future problems that are potentially more costly and painful. 
childrens dental health

Children’s dental health

Our dental clinic is family friendly and focuses on helping children feel comfortable. We encourage children to develop good oral health habits early in their lives. 
crowns and bridges

Crowns and bridges

Crowns and bridges are used to help protect or replace your damaged or missing teeth. Come in for a check-up to find out if a crown or bridge is right for you. 
dental hygiene

Dental hygiene

Here at Baybreeze Dental Care, we want your natural teeth to last as long as possible. We promote a healthy oral health lifestyle to decrease the possibilities of oral disease and tooth decay. 


Veneers can both protect teeth and improve their visual appearance. We provide veneers according to your oral health needs. 
cosmetic whitening

Cosmetic whitening

We want our patients to feel confident in their smile. Cosmetic whitening is a great way to brighten your teeth and your happy countenance.  

We offer a variety of dental services 

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