Children's dental health

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Children’s dental health

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In a perfect dental world, high carbohydrate and sugary snacks such as lollies, soft drinks, biscuits, chips and concentrated cordials would not exist.

We accept patients of all ages

However, to limit the damage of these goodies when unavoidable:
  • Eat them at the END of meal times – your children will be full of protein and vegies already and saliva will be at maximum production after chewing. This will help neutralise the acids formed and leave fewer holes as a result. 
  • Try replacing them with yummy alternatives like cheese sticks or slices, yoghurt, milk (unsweetened) or fruit. Make it fun and varied. Things like fruit pieces, fruit salads or unsweetened juices frozen as
    icy poles are great choices.
  • Try snacks that do not stick to your teeth, such as jelly or carrot sticks.
  • Even better, try not having such temptations in the pantry. When kids are hungry, they will eat anything – even healthy stuff!
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